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Jayne Gallimore

Artist Statement
Mosaic Art for Home and Garden

Three years ago I retired from the world of teaching.  I was finally free to pursue my lifelong interest in art...specifically mosaic art.  I began experimenting.  Using locally sourced rocks, I created designs on them using stained glass, and other materials.  I was very happy with the outcome! This became my Garden Art.

Not long after my first foray into this exciting new facet of my life, I felt the need to take it create designs with more details.  I made a glass-on-glass mosaic on an old window given to me by a friend.  And just like new career came sharply into focus!  Soon I had a great collection of vintage windows, and I was on my way!  I use stained glass for all of my projects, whether I'm working on windows, picture frames, rocks, or vintage oars.  I often incorporate other material into my art...clay, tiles, and metal embellishments, for example.  My themes have a definite Cape Cod flavor...lighthouses, fish, and seaside florals to name a few.  Look me up on Facebook...LydieBug Mosaics.  (Named after my first grandchild...Lydia.)
Art Cottage Schedule

7/12 - 7/16

Cottage #7
Contact Information
Phone: 508.930.7788
Facebook: LydieBug Mosaics