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Dawn Rosell

Artist Statement
Dawn is a local self taught jewelry artist who has been making interesting and beautiful wire work for over twelve years now. She began making her own jewelry because she was never into the main stream accessories that were in the market. Dawn uses wire and some sheet metal as well, combined with beach stones, shells, glass and semi-precious stones. She enjoys making bold and funky pieces and also clean and classic ones that have a unique style all their own.  She loves to work with clients to create custom pieces. She has one line of work that is made with recycled and reclaimed materials and another line made from all new materials. Dawn refers to herself as an accidental artist because she allows herself to experiment and not do just one style of work. This gives her more freedom to create unique work and grow her work without boundaries.
  She has been teaching locally now for three years and does home party teaching for special events.
Art Cottage Schedule

7/26 - 7/30

Cottage #1