Anita Kokoreva

Artist Statement
My painting dream evolved in elementary school. I enjoyed painting Nature, the world as I see it- beautiful, fast evolving and full with colors. I could not afford to buy Art supplies at the time, and only used whatever was available in class. Later on I discovered that my Artwork inspires many people with its vibrant colors, life and energy. I bring lots of positivity in my Art. As well as helping people coming closer to their dreams and vision. The vision I install is a World, full with colors, positivity and inspiration. And as well, as living my dream and paint. In addition, I love making jewelry.

Acrylic, Original Art, Signed, Sizes from 10x12 inches to 18x36. Framed and also not framed.
I use Acrylic and oil in my paintings. My jewelry is all handmade.
Art Cottage Schedule

6/1 - 6/3
7/4 - 7/8

Cottage - TBD
Cottage - TBD
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