Vivian Jache - The Stone Gourd

Artist Statement
Whimsical fairy houses and gnome homes, ornamental decorative items made from gourds. Having that "ah ha" moment when seeing a gourd and knowing that wonderful things can happen when you let your imagination run wild! 

I get a dirty, dried gourd from a gourd farm in Arizona, and after scrubbing the mold and dirt from the outside, and the seeds inside, it is then that I begin the carving process. I try to use as many natural elements as possible when creating, as well as repurposing many items.

It has been quite an adventure from purchasing my first artistic gourd from a talented gourd artisan in North Dakota, to starting a new career for myself in New Hampshire.
Art Cottage Schedule

7/25 - 7/29

Contact Information
Phone: 630.325.1012