Tina Gagnon

Artist Statement
Nature & Nostalgia – those are the subjects that I am, pardon the pun, drawn to. I am a
hyper-realistic artist and the “devil is in the details” – the more details, the better. The
medium of colored pencil affords me the ability to hone in on that aspect. Nature has so many
nuances to them that detail is imperative to capture the essence of a living being, whether it
is flower or animal. Nostalgia also lends its self to detail. The more detail, the more the image
will come alive for the viewer – evoking their own memories attached to that particular
object in the drawing.

After choosing what I will draw, I lightly sketch out an outline of my subject. I start by
coloring light to dark. Building up the color in light layers, building up and building up until
the color “pops”. This is usually accomplished in five to six layers of color. When you think
that the piece looks “dull”, keep building – and it will come alive. I will work on one area of
the drawing and finish that area before moving onto the next,
establishing technique for the rest of the piece to follow.

Patience, is the key to my art. Most pieces I spend about an
hour per square inch. More complex pieces can be twice that time.
It is not uncommon for a piece to have more than one hundred hours
put into it.
Art Cottage Schedule

9/13 - 9/15

Cottage #2
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