In Memoriam - Stephen Roth

Remembering Stephen
Stephen “ARTMAN” Roth slipped quietly from the arms of his loving family on Thursday, November 15, 2018. A true Renaissance Man, he was a person of many talents : Palette knife artist, business entrepreneur, creative cook, musician, and loving husband, father and grandfather. Truly a friend to all, if you stood in the supermarket check - out line, he would get your life story, and tell you his, before the groceries were packed!
Stephen Roth, whose passion in his early years was music, has since traded his upright bass fiddle bow for a blade. He has become an avid palette knife painter. His paintings are often described as “sculpting in oil paint”.

An early mentor introduced him to the use of palette knives during a demonstration over 40 years ago. He has developed a distinctive technique that uses only palette knives, often ones that he has personally shaped and customized.

His work is still available for sale at Cooke’s Seafood and Land Ho restaurants.
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