Scarabocchio Jewelry / Lynn Abravanel & Patty LeGrand

Artist Statement

Lynn Abravanel and Patricia LeGrand of Cape Cod have been designing handwrought Sterling and Gold jewelry since 1977.  Our business name, Scarabocchio, translates to scribbles, and doodles.  The elegant, classic line of our jewelry has proven to be timeless. We take great pride that our jewelry is constructed with hand tools solely by the two of us. 

Living along coastal New England, we are inspired by the ocean and the beauty of our surroundings.Keeping with the ocean theme, we designed bracelets representing natural formations named Driftwood, and Sandbar, Ebb Tide. Our intention has always been to create jewelry with meaning.  Emotions of love, and friendship, have influenced the design for our bracelets called the Hug, Friendship Knot, and Connection Cuff.  The Survivor Cuff bracelet was designed to honor the survivors of life's tragedies far beyond just illness and loss. Our artistry can be seen at juried craft shows throughout New England and select gift shops on Cape Cod.
Art Cottage Schedule

6/26 - 6/30
7/17 - 7/21
8/28 - 9/8

Cottage - #5
Cottage - #5
Cottage - #5
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