SassyBlue Pottery

Artist Statement
Functional and Decorative Hand-made Pottery.

Sue began her pottery career in 1985 taking lessons at Expressions Pottery Co-op in Avon, CT. She then became a member of the co-op and was later joined by husband Jack when the co-op moved to E. Granby, CT. The name SassyBlue came from a glaze "oops" moment when Sue accidentally put Cobalt Carbonate and not Copper Carbonate into a glaze mixture. Rather than a deep green, she created a beautiful cobalt blue glaze which they named "SassyBlue". When they moved to East Orleans in 2004, Sue and Jack converted their garage into a pottery studio and continued to develop their hobby and love of ceramics. They sell their work from their home studio in East Orleans, MA and at a couple of other venues each year.
Art Cottage Schedule

7/3 - 7/7

Cottage - #5
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