Mikal Post - M.A. Post Creations

Artist Statement
Mikal Post is a mixed media artist from Barnstable. She primarily uses acrylic paint, but loves to add elements to her artwork using other media including pen and ink, watercolor, glitter, and embroidery thread. She also likes to experiment with recycled objects like vinyl records and paper bags. Many of her pieces are abstract--though she is particularly fond of painting vegetables--and she is often inspired by the many colors and stars of the sky. Some of her favorite pieces are those which are functional, affordable, and easily accessible to the public such as her light switch covers.

Mikal grew up on the Cape and has lived here most of her life. She has always been drawn to art, creating intimate gifts for her friends and family and studying art in high school and college. She has only recently begun to sell her art through her business M.A.Post Creations and is excited to share her unique style with her community at the Artist Cottages at Orleans Market Square. 
Art Cottage Schedule

7/11 - 7/15

Cottage - TBD