Maria Polygalova

Artist Statement
Maria Poly is a Centerville based artist. Hand crafting has always been a part of Maria’s life. She knitted, crocheted, sewed and embroidered since she was very young. Two years ago she started making dolls inspired by the Scandinavian Tilda dolls.  Maria’s dolls are made from scratch using a variety of fabrics and techniques.
Every doll is completely handmade and can be designed to your interests. Among her other works are felt ornaments, brooches, magnets, all featuring her textile creations.
Art Cottage Schedule

7/17 - 7/28
8/28 - 9/2

Cottage - #1
Cottage - #2
Contact Information
Etsy:  MariaPolyDolls
Instagram:  MariaPolyDolls
Facebook:  MariaPolyDolls