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Margaret Covell

Artist Statement
I started making gemstone jewelry more than 18 years ago, as a creative outlet from my "corporate" jobs. My dream was to make more jewelry and less management presentations. In 2015, when I left the corporate world, I was finally able to make Blue Chick Jewelry a central focus of my life.

Through my designs, I strive to celebrate life's simple joys – catching the changing light of the sky over the marsh, discovering a tumbled piece of sea glass while beachcombing, enjoying a much deserved dessert, listening to a favorite song, the feeling when you are first captivated by a new friend. I choose specific stones and create unique designs to capture these moments. Some pieces are delicate and others are bold. I especially enjoy requests for custom jewelry. I use top quality materials including a wide range of precious and semiprecious gemstones, pearls, shell, sterling silver, gold, silk, suede and leather, and I hand select each strand of stones. My husband and I are Orleans residents and the Cape has been a major source of inspiration ever since I spent my first summer on Nauset Beach more than 40 years ago.
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6/21 - 6/23
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