Lisa Heffley

Artist Statement
Lisa has been a fine jeweler since the late 70's fabricating kinetic, abstract, representational works of wearable art. Forming Silver, Copper, and Brass with accents of semi-precious gems, exotic wood, bone, leather and coconut shell.  Nature is at the basis of all that we are - informing our psyche, literally, metaphorically, archetypically and sensually. Being a person who loves exploration of the human experience and movement as a yoga devotee for 28 yrs her jewelry has a dynamic expressive story to tell.   

Lisa's latest exploration has been carving delicate exotic wood salt bowls and spoons resting on its own sculpted metal stage.  A foodies feast and conversation piece while dining.

Last year at the Orleans Cottages she received a commission of designing wedding rings and is available to co-create your hearts desire.
Art Cottage Schedule

7/10 - 7/14

Cottage - #5
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