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Kathy Munday

Artist Statement
After my career as a Physical Therapist, I "retired "to Cape Cod and have been particularly grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.  Now my “career” is in the form of “Mental Therapy” by crafting and painting “all things Cape Cod.”

My paintings are done in acrylics on canvas, wood, and tin.  I also find special beauty in shells which I apply to pallet wood for a natural piece of the environment. I refer to the Ocean as “God’s Valium” since it’s strength and beauty are mesmerizing and relaxing.  Some of my “standard” pieces depict the popularity of lighthouses and hydrangeas; others are produced on a whim as the spirit moves me. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a resident of this incredible island.

A new website in under construction but at this time photos and comments of my work can be seen on Facebook at: Kathy Munday’s Seasons By The Sea.  I look forward to the Orleans Artist Cottages  experience to meet other crafters and visitors to share the joy of this place!
Art Cottage Schedule

6/26 - 7/7

Cottage - #8