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Artist Statement
Being a 6th generation native to Cape Cod, I grew up with my Grandmother teaching me to sew. Walking with her in nature, she always pointed out the flora and fauna at the shore, inspiring me to really notice the colors of our surroundings. This inspires my quilt making. I have found whimsy in the children's designs that I put in my baby quilts. Each quilt is one of a kind. The fabric is my paint box. The creating is my passion.

Over the past 25 years I have taught countless women to quilt, through Adult Education, and Quilt Retreat Weekends.

My grandmother was a great recycler... I was asked a few years ago to come up with a reusable tote. The square bottom Schlep Bags were born. This year I am adding beautiful necktie pillows to the Cozy Home line, made from recycled silk neckties.
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Facebook: Ellen Peterson
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