Ellee Koss

Artist Statement
I am an author, artist, activist, coach and consultant.  In every aspect of my life I push the limits to draw out its essence and fullness; surfacing the extraordinary.  As a photographer, I continue to be in awe of the extraordinary in our environs.  It may be a blossom on the pavement, a splotch of paint, the arc of the light, the inspiration of the sky, the colors - human made and nature born.  

Extraordinary surrounds us.  It lives within us.   It is this essence I work to capture.

Whether it is teaching in academia, consulting, or working with youth - transformation, leadership, and creativity connect the dots.  I see what is missing and I empower the possible - locally and globally - with a sense of humor and joy.    ENJOY
Art Cottage Schedule

7/24 - 7/28

Cottage - #5
Contact Information
Website: www.elleek.com
Facebook: @elleek
Email: ellee@isysnet.net
Phone: 415.564.4682