Donna Krenicki

Artist Statement
I have been creating art for most of my life, including a bachelor of fine arts from University of Connecticut. A few years ago I put down my brushes and picked up my iPad. I found a digit art app and started To figure out how to manipulate the app to work with my style. Bright color, layering of shadows, just as I do in my oil paintings, is what interests me most with this medium, not to mention no nasty brushes to clean and fumes to breathe. 

I still take out real paints and brushes on occasion, but it's a lot easier to carry around an iPad than an easel.  Since the original paintings are digital, I have them printed out as geclees using archival paper and inks. The result is bright, heavy ink that reminds me of peasant paintings from China. 

I have created over 200 Images. I've been commissioned by over 50 people to digitally paint their dogs and wedding bouquets.
Art Cottage Schedule

6/22 - 6/24
8/8/ - 8/12
9/7 - 9/9

Cottage - TBD
Cottage - TBD
Cottage - TBD
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