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Artist Statement
Jennifer, owner/artist of Danza, is a Harwich native working as a designer and printmaker. She earned a bachelors degree in Biology and spent eight years working in medical labs in the Boston area. During this time she attended the Massachusetts College of Art & Design studying graphic design. Her studies not only spawned an interest for the graphic arts, but also for photography, printmaking and book binding. After returning to the Cape seven years ago she began linocut printing. Her entire process is by hand, from the drawing, to the carving and printing.  She strives to create unique pieces that combine simplicity to charismatic design.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Jennifer is an avid runner and has travelled extensively in recent years. She has traveled alone though Southeast Asia, India, Europe and Morocco. Much of her time in Europe was spent on organic farms in Andalucia.
Art Cottage Schedule

7/10 - 9/15

Cottage - #8
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Phone: 617.835.5205