Candy Thoutsis

Artist Statement
All my life I dreamed of moving to Cape Cod.  Twelve years ago a friend  who lived at the Cape in the summers convinced my husband and I that we should make my dream come true.  I now live in South Dennis with my husband Tim and our little Yorkie, Dolly.

The years when I wasn't working full time,  I took several painting classes in Acrylic and oils.  I found that I love the acrylic best for what I like to do.  I eventually decided to make greeting cards out of many of things I painted.

One day while strolling on the beach I found the cutest thing....a horseshoe crab.  I picked it up and took it home.  After studying it for a bit, I felt it needed a little something to make it more beachy.  I painted it and decorated it with little shells.  

Friends and family saw it and loved how beachy it was and wanted one for their home.  Since then I have been making them for coffee tables, bathrooms, bedrooms and more.  

Hope I can introduce these little cuties to more people so they too can have a little part of Cape Cod to bring home and enjoy.
Art Cottage Schedule

6/22 - 6/24

Cottage -TBD
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