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Anna Cardito

Artist Statement
Having been born in Sicily, Italy, Anna Cardito was surrounded by much beauty, whether it was walking through fields of wild flowers with colors so vibrant, or visiting antiquities in nearby towns or even listening to her Dad’’s operas. It was as a young child that she learned to love the beauty of nature.

Anna’s family immigrated to the United States when she was 10 years old. It was in America that her parents took her to museums and it was at this time that she began to appreciate the beauty of art. Seeing the old Master’s paintings was eye opening for her and it was then that she fell in love with art. She didn’t pursue this love until after becoming a Pharmacist, getting married, raising three children and retiring.

Anna’s medium is acrylics and oils and she loves to paint the abundant and beautiful landscapes of Cape Cod but enjoys exploring other subjects as well. Especially for landscapes, she takes inspiration from the scene to capture its mood as she sees it. Anna believes in continually learning new techniques and has taken lessons with numerous artists. She also benefits greatly from periodically meeting with other artists in group painting sessions.

Some of her paintings, along with other artists’ works, have been exhibited both in Orleans and Sarasota. Anna enjoys the camaraderie when working with other artists and looks forward to helping members of the public enjoy her work.
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