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Permanent Art Installations at the Artist Cottages

At Market Square the celebration of the arts also includes installations of public art, commissioned from Cape-based artists.

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“Welcome to our World” by Angela Rose
Providing a sense of arrival for the Artist Cottages, you will find a beautiful, whimsical Gate, made by Angela Rose, in collaboration with La Vita Bella Garden Design. The installation is titled: Welcome to our World. The gate is steel flanked by displays of green and lavender plantings and fanciful metal wands.
Angela makes sculpture, often large in scale, inspired by an abiding love of the land and the delight that comes from walking in nature.  “My mission,” she says, “is to bring the uplifting and restorative aspects of time spent in nature and creativity, into the mix of daily life and social space.” Concentrating in Public Art since 1990, Angela also focuses on creating “a sense of arrival” by combining sculpture components with plants for residences, businesses and artspaces in the landscapes of Boston and Cape Cod, and in the Sonoran desert of Tucson, Arizona.
To learn more about Angela Rose, and her artwork – installations, sculpture, paintings, mosaics, and jewelry, visit her website at
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Orleans Depot, “Photograph from 1915 - 100 Years Ago,” by Kathy Nora and Dan Joy
This fabulous Mural depicts the view of the Orleans Train Depot and surrounding area in 1915 and was painted by 2 local artists: Kathy Nora and Dan Joy.

Kathy lives on Cape Cod and on a small island in the Dodecanese, Greece - - both places, she says, offering a lifetime’s worth of subjects. For the past 10 years the subjects of her work have primarily been influenced by what is grown in the earth. Her paintings are primarily oil on canvas…so, she says, “the Mural was a bit of a departure.”

A multi-talented artist, Kathy is also an author. Her second novel, call "Theo and Ria." is the story of Orleans in the ‘40s and interweaves Native American History with the dawn of American Abstract Art in Provincetown. The book is available in local bookstores.
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“Fish Bike Rack” by Syd Ahlstrom
In October of 2015 Local Artist Syd Ahlstrom was commissioned to design and build a bike rack that was both artistic and functional. Syd designed and built a Bike Rack in the shape of a Fish. It suits the entire design of the area and it’s beautiful. The bike rack was installed at the Artist Cottages on Old Colony Way June 4th and is ready to use. Come see the wonderful Creativity being displayed by the many mediums of Art at the Artist Cottages. Syd Ahlstrom’s studio is located at 21 Lots Hollow Road, Orlean
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Todd Thayer & Michael Marrinan

“Brolly” by Michael Marrinan
IT'S RAINING ART IN ORLEANS Massachusetts… Artist Michael Marrinan of Marrinan Galleries in Eastham has designed and built a Copper Umbrella Water Fountain in Orleans MA.
Michael approached property owner Todd Thayer with an idea he had been pondering. On a rainy spring day several years earlier Michael had watched a lady walk across the street protected by a big black umbrella, with the rain dripping down the sides Michael's idea of the Copper Umbrella was born. Though he had the idea and the artist renderings he was not sure where the best place for it would be. Michael rented one of the Artist Cottages in Orleans in 2015 there he found a home for his Copper Umbrella. When Todd and Michael reviewed the drawings and discussed the design, it was decided the idea would to come to life at the Artist Cottages on Old Colony Way. Todd commissioned Michael to move forward with the engineering of this piece, which was a challenge admittedly. After many months we are pleased to announce that the Copper Umbrella is on the Artist Cottage Property this summer
This Charming Umbrella is a full 8 ft. tall, with the Shaft alone weighing 350lbs of Solid Stainless Steel and Brass cut to perfection to replicate the Umbrella Shaft. The Canopy is made of 150 lbs. of Copper bent in multiple directions to reflect the perfect shape of the Umbrella Canopy.

This exceptional piece of art will be enjoyed by residents and visitors for many years and the Artist Cottages will have a wonderfully unique piece of Original Art designed and built by Local Artist Michael Marrinan.

You can sit on one of the two benches, also designed and built by Michael using reclaimed wood from the Old Hopkins Cleaners building. There you can enjoy the beauty of the piece and the tranquil sounds of water as it flows over the umbrella and disappears into the pond below.