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Todd Thayer and the Advisory Committee

The Artist Cottages at Orleans Market Square are located in the Orleans Village Center Cultural District - - a walkable neighborhood filled with unique shops, galleries, restaurants, and performance venues. The Cottages are offered to Cape Cod inspired visual artists and artisans as an affordable seasonal venue to make and sell work. We have attracted a diverse group of established and emerging artists, offering work in a wide variety of mediums and style. Designed to remind us of a charming, slightly old-fashioned, village neighborhood, as might have been found in Orleans in it's early days as a market-center for the Lower Cape, the Cottages are right next to the Farmer's Market on Old Colony Way (across from Depot Square and the Hot Chocolate Sparrow).
Todd Thayer - Owner / Visionary
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Chauvet Cave, Ardech France
30,000 - 28,000 BC

Todd is a native Cape Codder, and owner of the property now called Orleans Market Square. Though he claims that he is a "sports guy," Todd is now committed to raising the visibility of the artists of the region, and helping to revitalize the Orleans Village Center through the arts. With his leadership the Artist Cottages provide opportunities for established and emerging visual artists, as well as musicians. He has wholeheartedly embraced the idea of making the area "art-centric" and has added art installations,  so far including the beautiful Mural of the Orleans train depot on the back side of the CVS building, and an artist-made Gate - - with a commitment of more to come.
Todd is assisted in managing the Artist Cottages by an Advisory Committee of local volunteers.
Todd's favorite art is "Parietal Art", or prehistoric cave paintings. Their mystique and simplicity appeal to him.
Roberta Anslow - Advisory Committee
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“Lilies with Green and Yellow”
Sam Vokey

Roberta has been on the Advisory Committee since the beginning of the first season, and brought with her 25 years of engineering and marketing experience in the high tech world. She is the website designer/developer and marketing person for the Artist Cottages. In addition, Roberta is the on-site “Mayor" of the Cottages during the season. Roberta’s family, specifically both sets of grandparents, great Aunts and Uncles and father have lived in Orleans since the 1930’s. Her parents retired here in the early 80’s. After years of being just a summer resident of Orleans, she and her husband now live here permanently.
She is an award-winning photographer who specializes in original, natural light photography of Cape Cod and underwater photography. She also has a graphic design business.
Roberta’s favorite artists are those who paint in the Boston School tradition. The Boston School was a group of Boston-based painters active in the first three decades of the twentieth century. Often classified as American Impressionists, they had their own regional style, combining the painterliness of Impressionism with a more conservative approach to figure painting and a marked respect for the traditions of Western art history. Current Boston School artists include Sam Vokey, Robert Douglas Hunter, Jean Lightman, and Mary Minifee to name a few. Roberta has been collecting work by each of those artists for a number of years.
Debbie Oakes - Advisory Committee
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“Red Room”
Henri Matisse

Debbie is an original member of the Advisory Committee and helped Todd craft his initial vision of Artist Cottages. She brings her long involvement in Arts management, public relations, and legal background to the Committee.
When Debbie first moved to the Cape way back in 1993, she knew that she wanted to work in the arts and has been fortunate to work with artists and arts organizations for many years - - first as the creator of Making Art and Making a Living and then as the Executive Director of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod. Debbie is a "wanna be" but since she is not, she directs her creativity to arts programming – and in recent years to interior design…which she thinks is reflected in her favorite artist Henri Matisse and his amazing interiors with people living in them.
Janice Otis - Advisory Committee
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“Shuffleton’s Barbershop”
Norman Rockwell

Janice is the backbone for the Orleans Artist Cottages. She ensures the smooth sailing of each season.
Janice is the Office Manager for Cape Cod Brokerage, Incorporated (CCB). CCB manages the Lou Lou Property which houses the 8 Artist Cottages at the Orleans Market Square. Janice does all the scheduling for the artists, finances, contracts, cottage assignments and overall management of the cottages each season. She has worked with the owner/Manager Todd Thayer for 2 years and is a great asset to the company. With little experience in the 'Art" world Janice is learning the different mediums that artists use for their craft. She developed a love for the use of metals such as copper and aluminum as the substrate for painters and photographers. She has also discovered that art is subjective and what is appealing to one eye may not to another.
Janice’s favorite is Norman Rockwell. She loves his depiction of America in a simpler time.